Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My 3yr Old is Funny!

We were at Mcdonald's yesterday and Ally was in the play area acting all silly.  She got in the suspended globe

and started banging on the glass.  She was hollering for me.  When I look up she says.  I am in a pokeball.  I almost cried.  She was right; It looked exactly like a pokeball. 

Ally, I choose you!

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grrrace said...

LOL. she's too cute. hehehe. that's hilarious.

Ross said...


gamany said...

too funny! and it's probably just me, but ally looks like a young a pokeball!

Kirk said...

It does look a lot liek a Pokeball.The hard part, you'll find, is when she's all grow-- evolved.

Little Cat said...

This is so ridiculously cute!