Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ninja day and book club

Happy Ninja day everyone.  Book Club is tonight at the Panera Bread Co. in Hermitage, 7pm.  I think we will be discussion At All Costs, but I didn't read it.  I was busy and reading The Lost Boys by O.S. Card.  That book was really good. 




Lost Boys: A Novel
Orson Scott Card

Not the cover I had, but cooler.

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grrrace said...

hey, i just found out that today's repeal day, also. what a happy day this is. hehe :P

kat >>/dev/null said...

a) happy ninja day!
b) i didn't know we had officially picked a book, so i didn't read one. are you discussing the one that was 10th in the series with a cat on the front??
b.1) i won't be there tonight, i've got a date to watch LOST with the bf
c) I read lost boys.. i HATED it. i found it utterly contrived and book-of-the-weekish. I'm glad you liked it tho! Card is one of my faves.

Budd said...

This months book is I am Legend by Richard Matheson. We are also planning a group viewing for next Saturday. Are you on the mailing list?Lost Boys: some of the story did seem forced, but I liked the characters a lot. The kids seemed like kids although somewhat overdone at times. He had the voice of the children right though. It was interesting for me to look into another religion and see it through a character's eyes. The conclusion was interesting in concept but was pulled off in a kind of hokey, lovey dovey way. It did surprise me about who it actually was. I didn't fall for the obvious decoys he through out and suspected someone totally different. Thinking back the profile would fit the character that did it. hope you enjoyed lost and your bf. two of your favs together at last.

Budd said...

and we have drunk ninjas.

kat >>/dev/null said...

i don't think i'm on the list, i'll add myself on the site. i think i'm supposed to run a something-K next saturday but.. i forget. sounds like fun!