Friday, January 25, 2008



The word starts in jest and then bores its way into a deeper form
The metamorphosis is complete the moment that the word unwinds its way        
From your lips and wiggles into another’s ear.
It feeds on insecurities and inadequacies until it has grown large and out of control
Now the word is bent and broken, each half growing into an autonomous unit
It slithers back between the lips with much harsher intent
Man’s mind, without fail, corrupts all.


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Kirk said...

Wow.You know, as an opinionated snark-master who fancies himself a humor writer, I often wonder about this very thing. Do the "funny" things I say when I bitch hurt the feelings of those who either don't appreciate my brand of sarcasm or who take me too seriously? Am I doing more harm than good sometimes?Very thought-provoking poem. Your choice of verbs is excellent.

Budd said...

Yeah, I had made a "smart" (hmm smart is never really all that smart it seems) comment and it blew up and out of control. I don't remember the comment but the consequences are still being felt today. Oh well, you live you learn (or not, in my case).

Steve Betz said...

(actually, it is good)

little wonders said...

my mind is corrupted!lol

Dancing Bear said...

One thing I pride myself in is offending everybody without even trying. Equally. I don't do it on purpose. I just speak my mind and my heart and am frequently at odds with the opinions of others. But what they oftentimes don't appreciate is that they do the same to me so who is at fault? Just because I disagree and answer truthfully doesn't mean I'm a hateful asshole or an opinionated jerk. I'm just me. Can't be more. Don't try very hard to be. We say what we say generally just to express how we feel. If what somebody else hears is taken a different way than we say it then perhaps their expectation of us may be higher than we ever offered it to be. Yeah we all say and hear hurtful things. We're pretty much just letting how we feel show rather than hiding it. I'm not of the belief that we shouldn't be allowed to. Most of the time the person hearing something wrong is unable to face their own truth and cloud how they hear things. They dare us to say anything just so they can find fault with it. In doing so they are just letting us know how shitty they feel about themselves. Thanks Budd. Good poem.

Eli's Dad said...

Very impressed w/ the poem but now I'm going to be self conscience at work and can't talk to you anymore. I'm also concerned about the cat growing out of your head.