Sunday, April 20, 2008

Camping Trip

     Friday, two of my co-workers and I went on a camping trip to Fall Creek Falls.  It was a pretty fun trip.  Friday night it rained on us pretty hard, but my tent was sealed and I stayed dry.  We awoke at 5:45 Saturday morning to the sound of  the 2 year old in the next campsite over crying.  This is a sound that would plague us for the remainder of the trip.  Night, day, or whenever, this kid would cry and his parents would do nothing about it.  On Saturday night the father of the kid brought him over to say goodnight to us.  I guess this was a "subtle" hint to be quiet.  5:45 Sunday morning and  again I am awoken to the quiet piercing sound of this kid screaming his head off.  I did get some satisfaction when his mom packed him into the car to go home he was crying, and she was going to have to listen to it. 
   Enough about the bad lets get on to the good.  When not plagued by the devils own voice we could hear the creek that was right off the cliff behind our campsite.

Above, you can see the creek and the cliff face that separated our camp from the creek.  The sound was very relaxing.
     We hiked around and saw the falls and I got some pretty good pictures of them as can be seen below.

There was even a program that we went to on snakes that took place of Friday evening.  It was really fun.  The presentation ended with the guy telling us about the venomous snakes in TN.  He stated that of them the Copperhead is the most common in the state.  Then he added that it was the most common snake in the park and that we had probably passed five hiking that day without even noticing.  This led to a weekend of copperhead jokes and fictitious copperhead sightings.  It was a really fun trip.  I got lots of exercise and was able to relax at some points.  It wasn't really clear enough for me to take my rain-fly down and sleep under the stars, but I got to test out the reliability of my tent. 

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Steve Betz said...

Great waterfall pics! I can't believe you go to "get away from it
all" and there's a squalling kid though -- I would have had a hard time
being civil to the folks.

grrrace said...

ugh. that's the worst!!!! sorry about the kid crying. even though it wasn't me and my kid, i still feel apologetic. parents like that embarrass me. why can't they just stay home with their kid? seems like the crying is probably something they're used to and they don't realize how grating it sounds to other people. at least you got to get away... the pics look great. :)

Thea said...

What no pictures of Copperhead snakes now thats disappointing(J/k) but the falls are pretty.