Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Things I will remember from Fall Creek Falls

1.  Jacob-  he was either Satan or one of his spawn.

2.  Kountry Kupboard-  This is a place we passed in McMinnville.  I think they changed it to K so that both words would start with the same letter.  Wait. . .

3.  Leroy's Trailer Park-  This was in between Murfreesboro and Woodbury somewhere.  

4.  Copperheads-  You have to read the the camping trip post.

5.  The scenery-  I thought it was pretty scenery going down there, but the falls and the gorge were awesome. 

6.  Han Solo and the college kids-  Han Solo was by himself and was staying till Wednesday by the camp permit he had posted.  The college kids looked like they were about college age but they could have been young married couples.  They were playing beer pong though, so you decide.  These were our non obnoxious neighbors at the campsite.  Why bother learning names when you can just refer to people by nicknames.

7.  Fishing-  We went for two hours and never even got a bite.  An angler walks up drops his line twice and pulls out a fish.  We attempt to fish for 15 minutes then give up and go home.  I had to wade out to retrieve one of my lures that was stuck in a branch.  The water was freezing. 

8.  The Buffett at  the inn-  All you could eat Southern goodness.  It was sooooooo good.

9.  Frozen Hershey bars-  Are not good for making smores.

10. Charcoal and lighter fluid-  Although not sanctioned boyscout fire starting tools, they really get a fire going fast.  We did start some using more traditional methods.  Sunday I got the fire going from the embers of the fire from Saturday night.

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grrrace said...

ohmigod. i totally cracked up at #2. heh.near steve's old place in PA, they've got a Country Cupboard. i love that place. it is awesome. :Dsounds like you had a great time, though. :)

Eli's Dad said...

1-I expected him to jump on a tricycle and attempt to push one of us off a cliff
6-Nicknames like Frenchie and loud/obnoxious guy.
7-I could tell that you were extremely jealous of my awesome casting skills
8-Budd won the eating contest--everytime he stood up he had another plate or handful of hushpuppies

Potty Mouth said...

We camp here with Street Vein and his kids. I would like to add that Rock Island is an equally beautiful park.