Friday, October 31, 2008

Polling Place Etiquette

A friend of mine from work went to early vote yesterday.  She was suprised while standing in line to be inundated with the chant of Obama, Obama, Obama....  She said that she was very intimidated.  I know when I voted, there were signs up all over the place saying no campaigning past this point, no political material past this point, no talking about the candidates past this point.  I find it odd that this would be allowed by the people working the polls. 

In other election news.  TN doesn't put any party identification on third parties.  They identify Democratic and Republican, but they just say independent for everyone else.  I believe this disuades people from voting for a third party candidate.  I mean if the state isn't going to take them seriously, why should the voter. 

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grrrace said...

this election is probably the craziest EVER. people are getting more upset and heated about the issues and the candidates than any election i've ever seen.i'm kinda glad for it.

Potty Mouth said...

There has been an 80 year effort conspired by Democrats and Republicans to keep other candidates off of the ballots and out of the public spotlight. This is not just a TN thing it is a US thing.

Phil Davis said...

Yeah, I'm surprised that the third parties don't get together and sue to have their party affiliation listed! It is crazy that the democrat and republican parties are listed and none of the others.