Friday, December 19, 2008

Is Something Wrong With Me?

This has been brought up to me a few times.

I get really interested in something, research it, do it, and then just stop.   I lose interest over night.  Almost as if I forgot that I am interested in it.  At work I am either working really hard and pumping out work or I am not doing anything and moving on from one distraction to the next.  I start projects and never finish them.  I am distracted from my work easily.  Some people have told me that it sounds like ADD or Bipolar Disorder, but I don't know.  I seem to be able to focus just fine for long periods of time as long as I am interested.  When my interest wains or information gets repetitive, I can no longer focus or have to be diligent in forcing myself too.  I find it almost impossible to work without podcasts playing in my ear. 

I honestly thought that I was normal until someone at work told me that this behavior isn't normal.  Am I normal?  Okay, bad question.  Is my behavior normal?  Okay, still a bad question.  Is this specific behavior normal?

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Phil Davis said...

This sounds normal to me. TV and information overload might have a lot to do with it. It is so easy to be entertained that it makes it that much worse when we are bored.

Potty Mouth said...

I am exactly the same way. I have never been able to stay with a job for very long or even a career path. I have had so many hobbies that I cannot even count them anymore.

essaress said...

Isn't it possible that this 'behavior' of yours could be neither normal nor wrong?