Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

I started Tae Kwon Do this month.  I had previously trained at Korean Martial Arts and Fitness in Manhattan KS in 1998.  Both of my daughters take TKD, we have just paid off the car, I have a love for the fighting arts, and I have something I am working on that is martial arts and writing related, so I thought there is no better time to start back.  Of course my wrist isn't 100% yet, but still, no better time. 

My first class was last Tuesday and boy am I out of shape.  Add to this the Martial Arts Fitness Initiative I started here at work and I have been sore for the past two weeks.  I signed up for my classes at U.S. Tae Kwon Do Academy, the same place the girls take their classes.  I know the teachers, I know the students, and the facility is excellent.  They provide childcare while you are training and offer 4 nights of training per week.  After evaluating me, they accepted the orange belt that I had earned 11 years prior at a school half way across the country. 

The great thing about class is that I feel great afterwards.  I come home and don't really want to sit down and relax but to get things done.  The class is exhausting, but by the time I get home I popping with energy again.  My long term goal for this will be to get my black belt.  My short term goal will be to outrank my oldest.  She is a green belt pretty close to testing for her blue belt. 

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Steve Betz said...

Really good -- great fitness and discipline.

grrrace said...

nice!and yeah.. you can't let a little girl beat you! hehe. :P

Kirk said...

Way to go, Budd! Stepping in at Orange Belt! Don't let the glares of the spankin' new yellow belts perturb you. They'll get over it. ;-PSome years ago, a 16-ear-old kid came to our dojang from another school. He tested for rank and Master Park started him at first dan. We were all incredulous until the first time we sparred the guy.

Budd said...

Yeah, kids have walked up and said, "when did you get your orange belt?" My reply of 11 years ago is always met with, "yeah right!"
I have noticed that I don't have the rhythm that I once did or endurance. My hips aren't used to rolling over on my roundhouses either. Boy are they sore.