Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Overheard Conversation

Green Day once proclaimed, "I want to be an American idiot!"  Please Green Day, there are enough of those already. 

As I was going into a building yesterday, a couple in front of me were talking.  The man was livid.  This is what I heard. 

"The Chinese!  Our main American defense vehicle is now going to be made by the Chinese.  What kind of sense does that make?"

The Hummer, although similar, is not the HMMWV military vehicle.  GM does not produce our military vehicles.  The government requires more reliability than that.  Apparently, the average idiot thinks that the bling Hummer they see rolling down the road is the same thing our soldier are fighting out of. 

I will likely see this man again, but I don't think I will ever strike up a conversation with him.  Because of this, I can never be his friend.  Why must stereotypes be perpetuated around me?

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Steve Betz said...

Oof -- that's brutal. Where does something like that even get started?

Lorelei said...

Budd (which i mispelled as Butt, debated about leaving it as is, but decided to edit), how else can you make your VOX neighbors laugh? Because, honestly, dumb people are super funny.