Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In Memory of Deebo

While looking an old Army buddy up on facebook, I found his memorial page instead.  He died last month of a brain aneurysm.  He was just a few years older than me.  He had been working as a personal trainer in Atlanta. 

He had a bright and funny personality that you could never forget.  He was always smiling and everyone, even the NCOs called him Deebo.  He was a health fanatic.  He took really good care of himself.  I don't know for sure but I would have put him at 5'10", 205lbs, 7% body fat.  When they checked height and weight to make sure everyone was within limits it was always the big joke that Deebo was going to have to go get taped for being overweight. 

One of the things I will most remember about him was his love for wrestling.  I mean professional wrestling a la WWE.  Deebo and some of his buddies would start wrestling matches in the baracks hallways.  If you happened to be coming through, you were involved.  Lots of times you would hear it going on and run to the rescue of someone you knew.  It was all in good fun and bumps and bruises were the worst that came out of it.  I can thank Deebo for teaching me how to take a paint roller pan to the head and an aluminum trash can to the back. 

I have plenty more stories, but they get a bit more colorful as I go.  Deebo was able to reach his goal of becoming a wrestler after he left the Army.  He was in one of the WWE's developmental leagues and apperantly had a television fight.  He fought under the name Damien Steele.  He always joked the we would see him in the WWE (then called the WWF) someday.  I always kept a look out for him whenever I cought a match. 

Unfortunately, I searched his name on facebook just a few weeks too late.  I am sure it would have been a generic facebook reunion like every other person I add to my list.  "Hey how you doing," and the occasional comment on a post.  But, it would have been nice. 

He leaves behind two children, so pray for them growing up without their father.

See you at Fiddler's Green, Deebo.  Scouts Out!

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grrrace said...

Sorry about your friend... It's tough when you start seeing your friends go...

Jack Yan said...

My condolences to you for the loss of your comrade.