Friday, August 21, 2009


Picked this movie up because I thought it had John McGinley in it.
Seriously, the lead, Glen Hansard, looks just like him. Got home,
realized that he wasn't and, thankfully, watched the movie anyways.

The movie revolves around an Irish singer/songwriter (Hansard)
and a young Czech immigrant (Marketa Irglova) as they meet and attempt
to record a demo. Along the way a beautiful friendship is forged, great
songs are sung, and both of their worlds change a little. The music is
real as both Hansard and Irglova are professional musicians. It has a
moving, soul felt quality that instantly grabbed me. The acting was
superb. Irglova is absolutely adorable in the role and Hansard is
perfect in his role of down and out musician with a dream.

This movie was more. After I watched it, I got the feeling that
it was very important for some reason. These almost strangers came
together and helped each other out, sometimes in ways that neither would
ever have understood. It felt real and it felt pure. This movie tells
you to never give up and that it is okay to have a dream. Hansard's
character is afraid to fail at the beginning, but by the end, he, and
the audience, knows that trying and failing would still be succeeding.
This is the message I will take away. Trying and failing is still
succeeding where dreams are concerned.

Excellent movie! I have no problems telling people to rent this
one, heck buy it if you want. There is quite a bit of language in this
movie so let the wee ones go to bed first.

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Ginger_sister said...

Love the scene where they're walking through town and she's pulling the hoover behind her like a pet :) So fun. I agree thought this movie is more than just a cute story with good music. There is something deeper at play. It is so easy to loose yourself, and the process of beginning to breath doesn't always involve a romance. It was nice to see this relationship happen without hopping into bed, but instead causing each other to grow.

grrrace said...

Oh! I have seen this one. Is this the one you told me I should rent? I don't think I LOVED it, but I did really enjoy it. I thought Hansard did a great job. :)