Monday, October 26, 2009

Us, Against Them

This seems to be what human social interaction boils down to. We always
have to have an enemy. It is kind of strange. I think who we choose to
be our enemy is in who we define ourselves as.

In today's world of America wanting to be the rest of the world and the
rest of the world wanting to be better than us, the initial
identification of most Americans is not that of being American. We tend
to categorize ourselves and each other by political affiliation. Gone
are the days when it was okay for John to be a Democrat because he still
hated the commies. Without a common enemy, our country is dividing

When was the last time someone fought a war just to conquer lands and
make themselves god emperor. Now people fight for "reasons." People
fight for religion mostly and a lot of times because the have always
fought (insert name of random group here). In Israel it is weird
because the war wasn't necessarily about religion to start with, but was
made that way really quickly. Why? That was a major difference and the
easiest way to differentiate between the two groups.

So, America is dividing itself into red and blue and will soon devolve
into Drazi like fighting. It is silly, but as humans, we need a common
enemy to keep from making enemies of each other. Only now it isn't PC
to have enemies.

Orange, Orange, Orange, Orange!!!!!!!

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Steve Betz said...

You could see the switch immediately after 9/11 -- everyone got behind the President because we had that common enemy. Of course, that all got derailed for a hundred reasons, but you're right on target that we'll make sub-sections of ourselves the enemy in the absence of someone else.

Princesskasren said...

One of my all time fave B5 episodes...Ivanava rules!!!

Budd said...

It is a special class of people that get that reference. A class that rules.

Princesskasren said...

Oh yes indeed...