Wednesday, July 14, 2010

America's Got Talent?

Watched America's Got Talent last night and a lot of people just didn't show up. The fire guy was just schizophrenic and it wasn't the most dangerous thing I have ever seen or actually ever seen him do, he shouldn't have been called back. the guy with the slight of hand card trick should have been there in the first place.

I think Sexy painter just didn't want to be known as sexy painter. She wanted to be more and felt demeaned by the character that she had created for herself. Her real talent is painting and that is what she wants to be known for but painting isn't exciting. The underwater stuff was painful to watch. Maybe to spice things up she could have used sexy dancers as brushes.

Are those two little girls sisters? Family can usually harmonize and boy can they not. The song was perfect for big sister but not so for little sister. In the other rounds the songs were good for the little sister but not the big one.

The two little break dancers were cute but cute don't cut it. The RNG girls were doing great until the very end when the performance just died when it should have been hitting its climax. RNG Girls, dance routines do not need a resolution. The tap dancers tap danced and did so well, but I don't know if I would pay money to see it.

The Kung fu guys looked like a dance troop and that is a bad thing. Although the spear throw and catch was cool.

The Virginia Tech guys stole the show. I think they are going to win. Airpocolypse rocked out and it is amazing how entertaining an air band can be. You can't help but smile. The hand whistler lady is surprisingly entertaining. She needs back up dancers and lights and stuff though.


DEZMOND said...

will it be any kind of consolation for you if I tell you that last year winners in Serbia's Got Talent were three little Gypsies playing violins :)))

Budd said...

that sounds kind of fun.

DEZMOND said...

does it really? :))) Check it our yourself:

However, this girl was my favourite: