Monday, July 19, 2010

Busy Weekend

Friday night ended VBS and we went to the final program and watched the kids sing.  Ashli got pretty close to one of the girls there so we planned some activities with them over the weekend. 

On Sat, we went to the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield Mass.  It was pretty fun.  Ashli got into it, surprisingly.  This was mainly a trip for the other families 13 year old, but an opportunity for everyone to spend time together.  I haven't played basketball in quite a while and had a pretty good time shooting hoops in the gym.  The 13 year old we were with got 2nd in the free throw competition.  We had Ice Cream at the cold stone next door afterwards.  someone tipped them and they did their half hearted tip song thing that sounded like they were being tortured to sing it.  I almost left without ordering because I didn't want to traumatize them worse than they already were.  I definetly didn't leave a tip as that would have been more than I could handle. 

Sunday, we went to see The Sorcerer's Apprentice with the same family.  My review is over at SciFi Media.  First we stopped at Mickey D's for some food.  We place our order and the lady rings us up for two happy meals instead of one, I tell her not to worry about it, the movie starts in 30mins and we need to go, but she forgets my wife's chicken sandwich and we have to wait for them to make it.  I though fast food service was supposed to get better during an economic downturn. 

The girls were not done playing, after the movie, so her over for a couple of hours after the movie. 

It was fun, but the family is moving to TX next month and we won't see them anymore.  That sucks. 

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Red Mosquito said...

you had a busy weekend, too. I read your review of the Sorcerer's Apprentice. So Nick Cage plays someone named Nick Cage? Weird. And yes, it does look like the kids would enjoy it much more than the adults. I liked the Percy Jackson movie, which is sort of like this one. Your McD's sounds like the one we go to. The other day I got 4 10-piece chicken nuggets and I only asked for 2. She did wring it up as 4 and I missed it, just paying attention to the items. We got some free food though.

Budd said...

I guess they have to make their money by selling you more than you want.