Saturday, July 10, 2010

morning commute

When I got on the train yesterday morning, I sat in the complete wrong place. In my defense it is a place on the train where I will normally sit, but today a couple was sitting next to the spot. They were in love! They were also 45+. So, I am sitting there trying to finish Good Omens and this guy is talking non stop. She really can't say any more than yeah. Then he starts rubbing her upper arm. Anyone that has been on the Green Line will tell you there isn't enough room for that. The dummy is inconsequentially rubbing my arm as well. I look at him with the disgust that only people on the train in Boston can manage to express, but he pays no attention to me.

At this point, I am thinking the guy is a total creeper. I am picking up parts of the one sided conversation and he clearly knows everything and I can't figure out why the girl is letting him rub her arm. The they start making out. It is 7:30am on a Friday morning and the guy has his tongue down her throat, yuck. I could understand if they were teens and had absolutely no control over their hormones. But these people had likely kissed people before and should have the self control to hold off for a more private situation. The obviously were not married, well at least to each other. I get the feeling he was married.

If someone is going to make out beside me on the train. Why can't it be a couple of hot girls in their early twenties. I asked my wife is she wanted to get on the train and make out and she pinched me. . . hard.


DEZMOND said...

how do you know that he wasn't rubbing your arm deliberately as well? You said he was a creep :))))

Yep, love is lovely, but they should have gotten a room :)

Budd said...