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Knucklehead (2010) Movie Review

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Movie reviewers tend to look at movies from the point of view of someone looking at art.  They want movies that mean something and that take chances both with the shots and with the story.  For these reasons, reviewers hated this movie. 

I can usually separate myself from this need for high art from movies.  Sometimes I just need a fun family movie, where I can sit with my girls and share a laugh.  This is entirely that kind of movie.  It stars Big Show from WWE.  Big show is a huge favorite for not just my kids, but most kids.  He is a gentle giant and gets to play up to that in this movie. 

The plot is silly.  Big Show plays Walter, a grown up (way up) orphan that never left the orphanage.  Trouble seems to follow him around and he ends up burning down the orphanage kitchen.  The orphanage will have to close if they don’t fix it, but they don’t have money.  Then enters a down on his luck fight promoter that sees Walter as a way to win a MMA match in New Orleans. 

The movie is full of slapstick and fart jokes.  The mixed martial arts are not really showcased here.  The movie has heart though.  It is fun and Big Show does a pretty good acting job.  The rest of the cast does equally well.  It was very family friendly with some references to two of the characters being former strippers and one episode of drunkenness. 

Overall, it was a fun, family movie.  The appeal may be limited to to WWE fans or the 7-14 demographic, but it wasn’t painful for adults and was kind of fun for me as well.  You can tell that the actors had a good time making this movie.  If you have kids in the 7-14 range, I would say give this one a chance. 

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are you sure we could call it a family movie? :)