Friday, February 25, 2011

Kindle Customer Service

I got a kindle over Christmas, and went out and bought a cover for it immediately.  I got the amazon leather cover without a light.  I just didn't feel like spending $60 on a cover, if you know what I mean.  About a month ago, my kindle froze up.  I went through restart procedures and it started back up, but I had lost my place in my book.  This continued to happen on a more frequent basis from that point. 

At first I blamed it on the cold, but it happened on warmer days and then a friend in San Diego had the same thing happening to his.  I looked it up on google and all of the blame was placed on the leather cover.  The one with the light is fine, but the one without will cause your kindle to freeze and need restarting.  I immediately took mine out of the cover and have not had an issue since.  I then called up Kindle Customer Service and told them about it. 

No questions asked, they credited me with enough money to buy the lighted cover.  They don't want the old cover back.  It didn't matter that I had bought the cover from Best Buy.  She even emailed me a link directly to the lighted cover in the color that I wanted.  She inquired how I liked the kindle and told me that she loved the light as it runs off the kindle battery and it lights it up perfectly.  She seemed genuinly happy to talk to me. 

Great experience! 
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SQT said...

Wow. That's awesome. I got Nook Color for Christmas and have had the same kind of service. I had to replace the USB cable and they shipped it right out. Hopefully they'll keep it up in an effort to hold on to customers.

Jennifer Hillier said...

How interesting! I too bought the leather case without the light, and I did experience freezing. But I ended up not really liking the cover anyway (I like my Kindle with no cover), so I took it off. The freezing stopped. I never put together that maybe the freezing was due to the cover. Hmmm. Go figure.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The leather case caused freezing? So odd! Cool they bought you the lighted one.

Arlee Bird said...

But this portends a problem in the future if something like a massive Electro-magnetic pulse or some kind of weird event happens where all electronics are incapacitated in some way, like a ray from space or Iran or North Korea. That would really suck, but if all the E-readers were knocked out, those of us with regular books could still read them.

Okay, don't mind me. I'm just rambling my thoughts.

Strange--my Word verification is idisms as in "I've just been rambling expressing my idisms.

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Roland D. Yeomans said...

Really? Your leather cover? I've had my Kindle for two years with a leather cover but no problems. The earlier models must be more sturdily built.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. Come back, Roland

L'Aussie said...

Well you don't often hear of a good story like this. Hope your kindle is all lit up and you're enjoying reading Roland's new e-book, which is a cracker I've got to say!


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DEZMOND said...

I'm stunned, do such kind people really exist?

The Golden Eagle said...

I wonder why a cover would do that. It doesn't seem like it should affect the actual device.

Budd said...

I think it is only on 3rd gen kindles. The hook that holds it in is also the power transfer system for the light. on the non lighted version it can cause a short or something. Some people have had success covering the hook with nail polish. But mine has not had a problem since I took it out of the non lighted cover.