Monday, November 14, 2011

Grown Ups

Obama to China- “Act Like a Grown Up Economy!”
China to Obama- “Really?  This coming from the country that is constantly asking for money so he can go to the mall.  Or should we saddle ourselves with so much debt that our grandchildren can’t even hope to pay it off.  Or should we borrow money in dollars from a bunch of other people, then inflate that dollar so that what we are paying back is nowhere near equal to the value that we borrowed.”
I mean, we don’t have much of a foot to stand on with being a grown up economy.  We are like the 20 year old philosophy major that is saddled with student loans that might of partially gone to pay for school.  We also have maxed out the three credit cards we got when we signed up for them so we could get the free t-shirt and entered in a contest for an iPad. 
Obama to China Translated-  “Do what we want you to do!”


Nebular said...

Did he really say that? This is ridiculous! Over the past 10 years Chinese economy has grown the most. He should eat his words.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yeah, we're a bit of a mess right now.

Pat Tillett said...

We are a bit of a mess, but as our economy goes, so goes the worlds. Really, so much for the European Union. You want to really get pissed? Did you know that we are borrowing money from China while still giving them aid?