Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Sick of Pink

Let me set the scene.  Two brothers who only see each other a couple of times a year are meeting up because one of them is getting deployed and they won't see each other for at least a year.  This weekend is without wives/girlfriends.  They have just come into the house from doing maintenance on a car.  To relax they decide to turn on the football game and bond. 

Something must be wrong with the color, is this the HD channel?  Why is everything such an annoying shade of pink?  Whose idea was it to make the Chargers logo a lightening bolt frowny face?  OMG... my eyes hurt from the attrocious pink.  I want to watch football not be on the receiving end of your charity awareness campaign. 

That's right, Charity Awareness, not breast cancer awareness.  I never heard one word about getting checked once a year.  I didn't hear about how to do a self check, and this is football, so we would have fallen all over ourselves for a demonstration from one of the cheerleaders.  I was informed that I could go to the NFL store and buy the officially licensed pink gear I saw in todays game numerous times.  I also heard the name Susan G. Komen, who I can only assume had the association named after her after going into hand to hand combat with cancer cells one on one until she finally fell under exhaustion but not before performing three miracles. 

Upon further research I find that the name of the organization no longer even refers to breast cancer and that about 50% of the money goes to advertising and public healt education (which I read as "more advertising").  Wow, a hole 20 percent goes towards researching a cure and this is just what the organization collects.  The NFL is selling all the pink gear and you can be sure they are making a profit from it as well. 

Pink is a marketing campaign.  I guess they are raising awareness, because I am completely aware that the organization exists, I just am not sure what they actually do besides making me aware of their existence.  Did you know that a man can get Breast Cancer?  Wouldn't an NFL game supposedly promoting the disease mention this?  You would think.  While female vewiership is increasing, the NFL is still watched by more men.  Where is the testicular cancer campaign or the prostate cancer campaign.  At least make us aware of something that could affect us.  While my wife or other loved ones could get breast cancer, I am not the one scheduling that appointment or doing that self check.  But that is pointless because you are not even mentioning that in your media blitz. 

So buy pink stuff.  Whatever it is the organization finally gets from your purchase, 20% of it will go towards research to looking for another cure or a stage 4 cure to a treatable and curable disease if caught early enough.  When you catch it early enough, be sure to do so while wearing your officially licensed NFL Susan G Komen pink gear, available for a limited time fromt the NFL store at NFL.com.  LIMITED!   

Thank goodness for wrestling...CRAP!


The Angry Lurker said...

The wrestling has gone pink and not just the ladies!

SteveB said...

It's gotten way over the top and is really off-putting.