Tuesday, October 02, 2012

It Must Be October

So last night I had a pretty wierd dream that I think would make an excellent short story of some sort.  In the dream there were people with their scull caps sawed off and other people would come and skim from the top of their brains for nourishment.  Basically eating the brain without killing the person or doing serios damage to them.  The new where they could poke and what not (it is a dream, it doesn't have to make scientific sense.  In the story they could be sucking up fluid from around the brain).  Disgusting I know.  Well in my dream, a guy falls in love with a girl he is feeding on.  It was understood that the food eventually dies from the feeding but it takes a while and nobody eats anyone elses food. 

So what do you think; is there story potential there or what?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Jump on it before someone makes that a movie!

DEZMOND said...

I wonder what you had for dinner before such lovely dreams :PP