Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lance Used Roids

I don't like Lance Armstrong.  Why? Because I have read his books, that’s why.  Lance is a jerk and is way too arrogant for his own good.

Now onto the drug allegations.  Lance was winning the Tour at a time when a lot of other cyclist, great cyclist, were getting caught blood doping.  Now, there is no doubt in my mind that Lance was a great cyclist and has almost superhuman abilities and is naturally better than most cyclists. 

That said, my doubt is this.  Lance is not better naturally than the second best rider that is doping.  If everyone else was doing drugs and Lance was still winning, then Lance was doping too.  In weightlifting, a sport rife with steroid use, a guy going au natural hasn't got a chance against a juicer.  Same with baseball.  Bonds hits 40 something home runs for most of his career.  Does roids, hits 70.  Comes off roids and this year (almost halfway through the season) and has 11.

Say no to drugs,  say no to Lance. 

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Steve Betz said...

You know what the whole Lance thing has done: made me become a better Sheryl Crow fan. I'm glad they're splitsville. She can do better. He's a putz.
Nice font change-ups, btw.

Budd said...

You caught a post that I added from my old blog and forgot to change the date. Congratulations! BTW yes he is!

gamany said...

i thought the post seemed out of place, i was going to comment but saw the "scare tactics" post and hopped over there. should have known you were up to no good.

grrrace said...

he's missing his balls or something. cut the man some slack. :P