Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Flag Day

Why isn't Flag Day a bigger holiday.  It should be and it is our faults that it is not.  We don't party and celebrate like we could. 

Think about it.  If everyone went out to get drunk on Flag Day, then employers would start to notice.  If there were parades scheduled for the day, certain cities and towns would shut down to take part. 

We pledge allegiance to the flag yet let Flag Day pass by without planting a single flag seed.


Carol said...

I agree! Maybe I'll ask for it off next year--heck I'm the secretary and I print up the weekly calendar. Next year I'll just mark June 14 as a holiday and insert "Office Closed". When people question me, I'll say I'm going to the big parade and then rush over to the mall for the big Flag Day sales!!

Jody said...

This topic comes at the perfect time! My friends and I discussed a similar idea yesterday. I think I'll blog on this today!

Nicky Fingaz said...

I don't quite understand Flag Day, it seems like a weaker July 4th. Independence Day seems to suffice for all patriotic feelings for me. Although any reason to have a party is technically a good thing.

KLABER said...

I celebrate this day every year for a different reason, even though I love our flag!
I have always loved being born on Flag Day. Makes me feel like a work of art!

melanaise said...

Oh crap, I need to go apey on my blog about a walmart event that happened. In Texas, we can and DO fly our flag as high as the US Flag.

When I suggested they raise the flag before I raise Cain, they said none of the Walmarts in Texas hold their Texas flag as high as the USA.

Remeber the Alamo?

Anyhow, I am going abomb on if you start seeing texas flags raised at walmart, send me a thanks or something...cause it takes a lot of hell to take on walmart.