Thursday, June 15, 2006

Picking Books

Gabe at Penny Arcade inspired this thought.

How do I pick books to read. I mean, there are lots of books out there, so how do I know which one I will pick up and read. First, I usually go for an Author that I have enjoyed or a book that was recommended by someone whom I trust on these matters. But, sometimes I just like to pick something up off the shelves. Below is my criteria for doing so.

1. Go to the sci-fi section
2. Wade through fantasy books to the few actual sci fi books
3. Sift out titles with really bad titles.* (if you can't write a title, you can't write a book)
4. Look for one of the following on the cover. a)Guy with big futuristic gun b)really good looking girl (in peril is a bonus) c) a cool looking spaceship/space station/planet d)an alien city.

*title can be overlooked if the cover art is contains two or more of step 4.

Use this method for more enjoyable reading!


Anonymous said...

"if you can't write a title, you can't write a book." Idiotic, yet precise.

Carol said...

Great way to pick a book! LOL!

In defense of titles, it is not always the author that chooses the title. Unless you're someone with lots of clout, an editor can overrule your title and slap on something they think is more suitable or saleable.

melanaise said...

I would enjoy you doing a review of George RR Martin's series.

Jody said...

Find an author you like and run with it!!! Even if you hate a book they write you can try your darndest to defend it out of sheet loyalty.