Wednesday, May 01, 2013

So, this is how liberty dies

So, this is how liberty dies...

With thunderous applause.

no warrants were issued for any of the home searches or home invasions as they should be called.  People were pulled from their secure homes and forced out to find somewhere else to stay for "their safety."  Police patroled the streets in armored vehicles and in military combat gear while they searched for a suspect that they had allowed to escape.  I don't mean the purposely let him go, but he got away regardless of the increased police presence in the area.  He was then found, not by these showy parades of officers or by these house to house searches, but by a normal citizen that noticed something odd about his boat.  The keystone cops then engaged in a shoutout, or shooting gallery, with an unarmed suspect damaging private property needleslly.  Shoot first, forget due process am I right officers?  How do the people react?
With a standing ovation of course.  The welcomed their new police state. 

My house wasn't searched.  Had they come knocking, I only hope I would have had the courage to tell them to come back with a warrant. 


Summer Ross said...

I'm really not big on political or anything regarding the government- I know I should be- but free will and choice also extends to whether or not someone wants to let the police in without a warrant- they can choose that just as much as not.

SteveB said...

I thought I had to be the only one that saw that entire city shut down for two days to search for two guys. Are they going to do that everytime someone robs a bank? Steals a car?

I'm sure that they didn't want to seem like they weren't doing enough, but holy crap did they go to the other end of the spectrum. Just nuts.

Budd said...

Summer- I am sure a vast majority of the people willingly let them men with assault rifles into their homes with no objections, that is the point of the assault rifles.

Steve- I, locked down, was watching the farce unfold on TV. I wasn't supposed to leave my house and if I did, there wasn't anyplace open. I left. McDonalds was open.

Nate Wilson said...

It's all about fear. If the public fears for its own safety, most will allow their rights to be (temporarily) waived if it'll make them feel safer. Especially if it concerns terrorists, domestic or otherwise. We can only hope no power-hungry folks in our government try to take advantage of this fact in the future, as others have done in the past.