Monday, May 22, 2006

If I can't be a HR leader, I should be allowed to take steroids untill I become one.

What ever happened to the good ole days when there was on smartest kid in the class. I applaud all the kids that are pushing themselves to get awesome grades and take college level classes in High School, but has it all gone too far. Siegel High School in Murfreesboro, TN had 21 people graduate as valedictorian this year. 21! I am sure that all of these students got above a 4.0.

How can you even get above a 4.0? 4.0 means that you are perfect you got only 100% grades in all of your classes. In college this is understandable. If you are on a plus/minus system you only have to get A+ in all of your classes. If you are not on the plus/minus system, you only have to get As. In high school you get a number grade and to get a 4.0 that grade has to be a 100. To make a 100 percent in all of your classes in highschool is an amazing feat and something that only one or two children should be capable of. 21 children getting 4.0s is blatent grade inflation. At the minimum it is teachers giving students extra credit to make up a point here or there.

This is wrong! The only people who got extra credit assignments when I was in H.S. were the kids making an effort but still falling behind. They were the kids that the extra credit not only helped them pass the class, but it also helped them gain more understanding of whatever subject they were taking.

Some may argue that these kids are in weighted advance placement classes and that is why they are making these excellent grades. Well you can't take all advance placement classes and even if you could, there is no reason everyone in that class should get a perfect score.

I know the administrators want everyone to win and be happy, but that is not the way the world works. If at no other time in high school, a child should know this at graduation. Life is unfair and someone is going to win and it likely won't be you. If you want rainbows and silverlinings watch the Disney Channel.

What does Amanda, who busted her but and actually had a perfect score on every test and assignment, say when Phillip, who wrote out some definitions to cover for a few wrong answers, gets to share her glory. If I can't be a homerun leader, I should be allowed to take steroids untill I become one.


Carol said...

I agree 100% (do I get to be valedictorian?)

I have 2 sons in hs. Well, actually, the oldest graduated Saturday so I now have 1 in hs but the experience is still fresh. My oldest had to take Spanish 1 twice. The first time he took it he was making As in the class. At the end of the semester (they are on blocks so they only take 1 semester) he took a Gateway test. Obviously, he didn't do well enough to go on to Spanish 2.

My younger son brings home test papers for me to sign. I aksed him why I had to sign the papers if he got 100 on the test and he said the teacher gives extra credit if your parents sign. What does my signature have to do with how much of the subject matter he knows??? I can hear these kids, "If I get my mom to sign my application, will you give me the job?"

Considering how much extra credit and leniency some teacher show, the students who are flunking really have to work hard at flunking!!

Glad you are back!

Carol said...

Maybe those 21 in Murfreesboro should go on Survivor and the winner not only gets the money but gets to be valedictorian!!

Anonymous said...

Oh that's ridiculous

Everybody get a blue ribbon. This is why the rest of the globe (that still values real achievement and hard work) are busting us in every subject.

I think the 60/70s concept of non aggression and happy faces for everyone has lead to the death of the American ingenuity. No one is outstanding, just a whole bunch of dim bulbs all standing on a podium with their bogus awards.

Tisk, tisk