Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Take your immigrant to work day

On the way home I heard an informative story on NPR. It seems that employers are supportive of illegals staying in our country. You have got to be kidding me! Employers want illegals? You mean, they would rather pay someone $3/hr instead of $10/hr. I would have never of figured that out.

Of course our Winny the Pooh goverment can't keep its head out of the honey jar, and are willing to pass legislation insuring that: A)Employers get their cheap labor fix and B) the honey jars keep flowing in.

The same people championing these illegals are the ones that last year were crying about how all of our jobs were being sent oversees. How is this any different. Whether we send it over sees to be done for pennies on the dollar or you keep it here and use illegals to do it for the same price, it doesn't make a difference. American citizens, permenant residents, and visa holders are paying the price.

Quit outsourcing American jobs to illegal immigrants!

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