Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Brave Men Run

Finished listening to this today. It is self described as what would happen if John Hughes (Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, etc.) wrote comic books. The story is set in the 1980's and follows Nate Charters as a group of people with superhuman abilities (sovereigns) make themselves known to the public at large. Nate has some abilities of his own.

Unlike most stories with super powered people, Brave Men Run doesn't have the whole costume and now that I have powers I have to be the most noble person crap that you get a lot of times. Brave Men Run shows teenage rebellion and character interaction that is realistic. The characters' abilities are more part of the conflict that drives the character to the action instead of being the action themselves.

This is a surprisingly good book that is offered for free on Podiobooks.com. The writer, Matthew Wayne Selznick also offers print and E copies on his website for those people who don't do podcasts or audio books.

Highly recommended.


melanaise said...

why did you disappear from my contributing writers? Is Blogger effing up again?

Carol said...

I'll mention it to my son. He might be interested. Right now he's trying to find some book called "House of Leaves". HAve you heard of it?

Budd said...

Mel-I think so. I couldn't email in my own posts for almost a week.

Carol-I have not. If your son has transportation he might enjoy the sci fi book club. We usually meet south east of nashville in Antioch or east in Hermitage.