Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Future

*This can be heard on Michael and Evo's Wingin' It: episode 68


The Future


Look to the future we are told

Do not be afraid to be bold

If only I had the machine of wells

Oh, the stories I would tell

You see, the future to me is clear

Tableau rosa, even though it is quite near

Where are the flying cars, and moon bases?

Where are intruders from afar with green faces?

The space program used to be our greatest hope

Now it seems it is being run by a big dope

Where is your place in this, where is mine?

Is everything really going to turn out fine?

Will I ever travel and see the stars,

Swim through Saturn's rings or explore mars?

Will I sit and rot here on Earth?

Does my English degree have any worth?

I ask myself these things before I dream

A dream that takes me to where everything

Isn't always as it seems.

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MainMor said...

See... we have been talking about flying cars at work.
We were promised flying cars in the year 2000... where the HELL is my flying car?

Budd said...

I know. My eigth grade science book said we would have moonbases by 2000 it even had illustrations. I want to live on the moon, or at least visit there.