Monday, July 10, 2006


We now have two. I am sure this will be the subject of many an upcoming blogs. So queue the cliffhanger music and I will say it again. We now have two cats!

To Be Continued


Carol said...

Did you already have 1 cat and now have another? Or did you acqiure both at the same time? As an owner of 2 cats myself, I'm looking forward to more stories!

Budd said...

got them both at the same time. They are 1 year old.

mllnclly79 said...

budd is foolish.

i used to own 6 ferrets. never purchase multiple pets all at the same time. buy 1 at a time so you can learn their personality and make sure you can get along with them and they can get along with you. then get the next whatever.

i always wanted a chinchilla. they're like squirrel-rabbits.

Jody said...

Congratulations on this new chapter in your life. Your pets will proceed to take over your home, your inner thoughts, your bed, and possibly your desire to have children.

Carol said...

Budd -- don't listen to mllnclly79. Even if you get them one at a time it doesn't mean anything. I did it that way and the first was fun, sociable, easy to train, I went for a second one and got one that was not easy, stubborn, hard to train and--no wait, that wasn't my cats. That was my kids!!!