Friday, July 07, 2006

Super Heroes

Thanks to Damien for the inspiration.

Superheroes, what would they be like if they existed?  Do comics and movies really represent human nature?  I don't think they do.

If people with superpowers were to exist they would cross the spectrum of personalities.  There would be the odd noble person and the odd super villian, but most people would exploit their powers for their own gains.  To be fair, comics and movies have explored this with some detail, but they have a tendency to show way to many characters from the extremes of the spectrum.  There would be a Bell curve, and Bell curves dictate that the majority would fall in the center.

If I could fly, I would.  I don't know if this would cause me to fight crime or save lives.  It would just give me the ability to fly. 

If I were super strong, I would make my money in sports.  Being superstrong does not make me bulletproof or anything like that.  If I had the opportunity to do something great, sure, but I would not go looking for trouble.

If I could turn invisable, I would at some point in time venture into a girl's locker room.  Hey, I am being honest.  I would also be the best ever super spy.  Or possibly make money on the stock market.

Most men are pragmatist, and if they woke up one day with superhuman abilities they would continue being pragmatist and use their abilities to their own advantages.  It is the human condition that everyone would do something unethical at some point with their powers.  We are not from Krypton.

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MainMor said...

Awesome post Budd, cool to see this further explored. =D

I really thought about the kind of person I am, I am a father, husband...etc... whom works blasted hard day in and day out. I would prefer to stay at home with the wife and kids and do something fun..

If suddenly I had the inhuman potential to do so, I would take that opportunity and run with it.

I would probably start with something small... and then I would get worse. for instance, I would steal enough money to pay off house and car. Then I would probably go back and take enough to retire off of.

If I had Superman's abilities, it might go even further. Like in Superman IV, when Supes decided he would forever end a nuclear threat. I might do something like that...but then where would it stop?

I might go after North Korea and free the people, in my mind thinking I had the responsability to.

I would then end up as a Dictator... or even a God in my own mind. Ruling over the planet and doing what I feel is right for all.

Budd said...

and if you had the power of invisibility?

MainMor said...

OMG... invisibility. I would be the ultimate cat burgler and voyeur.

You would have to be a little more careful though, because if you were caught then you would be sent to the government for experimentation and exploitation.

So I would be a little more careful with those powers. Those powers would keep me more in check.

MainMor said...

Ok not sure why I have a double comment there... earlier Vox died and I think that is when it happened.