Thursday, July 20, 2006

For the Cause

*Just East of Nashville, my home, is a town called Lebanon.*

Hy Perboly reporting here Live from Lebanon for Action News. At about 10:15 last night the Greater Nashville Jewish Community (GNJC) started laying siege to Lebanon. The conflict was started when other news organizations irresponsibly reported that Hezbollah held control in south Lebanon. I am pretty sure that they mean the Lebanon in the middle east and not in middle Tennessee, but I am unsure if the GNJC is aware of this. Here is a young man, I will ask him.
"Excuse me, can I talk to you? My name is Hy Perboly from Action News."
"And what is your name, sir?"
"Gold Silverman."
"Why are you attacking Lebanon, Tennessee instead of Lebanon in the Middle East?"
"It is symbolic, I don't have the time to fly over to Israel and enlist in the army and train for a few months. Plus there are some guys here that fly confederate flags, and we all know that the confederate flag was used by both the Nazi's and slave traders that dealt in Jewish slaves. I think Ramses was the inventor of the confederate flag."
"There you have it. The birthplace of Cracker Barrel restaurant has become a powder keg of racial tension." This is Hy Perboly signing off.

*For some reason the thought of Jewish people in Nashville laying siege on Lebanon was funny to me. Hope you enjoyed it.*


Jody said...

Is it really the home of the Cracker Barrel?
Now THAT's news.

Budd said...

Yep, it is the HQ even now and the site of the first store.

Carol said...

LOL!! Do people in Nashville pronounce it the same? Since we moved to Chatt. there's lots of familiar names but I don't realize what they are unless someone writes them down. LOL!!

Just getting caught up. Got back from MTSU last night and promptly had a thunderstorm and lost power until the wee hours of the morning.

Stephen said...

LOL! That is a much better outlook on the way things are going...I hope that they do not extend us here (Iraq) for six months to "keep the peace" in Lebanon

Budd said...

It is actually pronounced Leb'nin here.

Stephen, Isreal is a big boy now, they can take care of themselves. we don't need to get involved. But my Monroe doctrine gets no tread these days.