Thursday, July 06, 2006


Why do you blog?

I do it to write, or practicing writing to be more precise.

I do it to make some limited use of my degree in English.

Peoples motivations interest me.  So why do you blog?  What motivates you to, day in and day out, put up some kind of content.


Jody said...

I do it to write also, since a creative writing degree limits possibilities in many areas. But also to fulfil my childhood dream of becoming a stand up comedienne.This way I can reach the blogosphere with my raw talent and make friends, too!

mllnclly79 said...

I blog because I think my thoughts are hilarious and I want other people to be able to share in the hilarity.

(I have a degree in Social Work so I can't use either of your excuses)

melanaise said...

I blog to make people smile. I have trouble smiling myself, so I blog to make people smile. damn you for making me be honest.