Wednesday, July 05, 2006


The flag flies above us
Do we ever stop and look
Do we notice the blood red stripes     
And the blood those stripes took
Do we see that field of blue   
And know what God calls our nation to
The fifty white stars shining bright   
These were not won without a fight.
What do these things show me?
Do they show me how to be?
The show me the price that was paid

These things are a goal to reach       
To be more, to be what we preach.
We try these things and sometimes we are weak
But we try even when times seem bleak.
We are not perfect, this is true
We have our faults yet we try and make do
Our strength lies not in the actions we take   
But in the aspirations that we make.
To be what we want is not within our grasps
That is a challenge only our children will surpass
For tomorrow, sacrifices of today will be made


melanaise said...

do you mind if I cross link that to the tribute I have up right the tribute before you say it's ok.

The book review you sent is on hiatus because this week is dedicated to Armed Forces at Onward Ho...

Budd said...

sure, cross link away.