Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Worty Dirds

I know I am in the minority here.  I do not cuss and I do not enjoy it when are president lets one slip either.  But, that is not the topic of my rant today.  My topic will be cussing and women.

I was in the Army for four years, so I have heard anything that can be said anyway it can be said.  I do not have virgin ears.  Maybe I am old fashioned, but I do not like to hear women cuss.  It seems wrong on the basest levels.  Maybe I have the misogynistic view that women are dainty little pretty things and should not be soiled with such dirty language.  It could be that I don't cuss myself and see it as an inferior form of communication.  Either way, something in me cringes when ever a girl/woman cusses. 

In my dating days, I could be talking to a girl and be completely turned off by her use of language.  To this day it makes women, who would otherwise be smoking hot, seem unattractive to me.  In recent years it seems that the problem has worsened.  Girls think they need to be as bad as boys and pepper their language with expletives.  To me the ultimate turn off and heart breaker is for a girl to drop the f bomb.  This can be excused in times of extreme emotion sometimes.  But today, women throw the word around as casually as men and use it in ways that romance novels should have taught them how to say it prettier. 

Women, please don't sully your mouths with these foul words.  You can still be strong and independent and not talk like a bunch of horny sailors.  Do not stoop to the level of men but raise yourself above it.  Being well spoken has never cost anyone a job or a friend.  So, fire up those dictionaries and sound as pretty as you look.


Jody said...

I used to have a foul mouth during college. It was pent-up passive agressive anger asserting itseld verbally. I used swear words in most conversations, knowing of better and more intelligent speech as an alternative. After I became a Christian most people could tell immediately during a conversation that something was different. On more than one occasion my guy friends have mentioned, "You haven't been swearing much. Do you still swear?"
So guys do notice this type of thing!
Occasionally I do let one slip if I stub my toe or get into a rage, but I am mindful of my speech otherwise.
One of my bosses is a beautiful, petite woman with long dark hair and she will drop swear words for no reason and without cause. It's a shame because on the outside she's all class.

Anonymous said...

parital aggreement but But no one should be cursing, period.

When profanity enters your ears it invades your mind, thoughts and heart. It overwhelms and permeates throughout your whole mental and emotional system. And I don't want that stuff oozing out of my heart.

Lucy said...

Great post. It's nice to hear there are guys out there who still want women to act feminine in at least some aspect. Not that cussing is merely unfeminine. It's unattractive coming from either side. But like I said, it's pleasant and uncommon to hear of a guy who appreciates classy language.

melanaise said...

well...does the time when I finished your beirut thing on my blog count???? or the language I use?

hmmm...damn good thing I am not trying to turn you on Budd!!! *evil grin*