Monday, August 07, 2006

Bad Friend/Good Friend

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I once had a friend in the Army named Will. This guy was trouble, or a trouble magnet rather. This guy thought he was a playboy. He mismanaged his money constantly. He was an underage drinker. There are a lot of these in the Army but most of these guys lay low. Will would get drunk then get in trouble.

I now look back fondly on Will. I could barely stand him way back, and then only for comic value. Now I know that for the rest of my life, I will have stories to tell about all the times that Will screwed up.

So here are to the Wills of the world, screwing up for my entertainment. We salute you.


Jody said...

Most of my college friends are like that. Still. I have a lot of fond memories of them humiliating themselves, but some of them genuinely had/have problems. :(

melanaise said...

1000 unique visitors who want to know who sings the song playing right now on my site dear.

I am rather fond of Will. ;-)