Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Ring Game

It being Friday, I thought I would share a game that we play at work that has turned out to be quite addictive. We get in trouble for playing flash games on the computer, so we have to find other ways to consume our time and relieve stress.

We have these blinds and the pull string has a little silver ring on the end of it. You start the game by swinging the ring up.

Then you just catch the ring on your finger. It is best if you don't stab at the ring, but just line up your finger so that it falls on. We see how many we can get in a row and we do best out of five competitions. Seven in a row is the current record.


James said...

It's been nice working with you.

Laura said...

You guys sound like you'd get along great with the engineers I used to work with at Bechtel in San Francisco. LOL Their competitions used to be centered around who could fold the most aerodynamic paper airplane. :-)

Carol said...

Just catching up after vacation. LOL over your post about your daughter's bike adventures. And the evil genius. That is pure genius!! LOL!