Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Nap time

*Thanks to Jody of The Free Radical for the inspiration in todays post.

Reasons I can't take a nap:

1. My boss doesn't really like to pay me for sleeping on the job.
2. My children think that my face is made for pinching when I lay down during the day.
3. My wife doesn't think I should need one.

Let us explore 3. If I lay down on the couch on either a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, my wife tells me I better not be going to sleep. She sees my nap as a waste of time or as an unearned reward. She states she doesn't take naps.

Stop the presses.

Anytime we drive anywhere I can look over and see my wife dozing in the car. Going to church, my wife is asleep. Coming home from church, my wife is asleep. Going to the mall, my wife is asleep. Coming home from the mall, my wife is asleep. She sometimes catches naps on the way to Wal-Mart and that is 10 minute drive.

When she catches her naps, the kids are strapped into carseats, and she doesn't have to deal with "lets see what the gums look like where they attach to the lips."

What happened to the days of laying down with the kids, napping, and calling it bonding?


Anonymous said...

"an unearned reward"

complete explanation for why your wife gets a nap and you don't.

and it's only bonding if all parties are consciously aware that time is being spent together.

mllnclly79 said...

hmm. dear, sweet, budd. make your wife drive to wal-mart. have you ever heard of "oh, shoot! i can't find my wallet! honey, you're going to have to drive." then you get the nap on the way to and from church.

i'm sure you're wife is a very sweet woman, but you don't portray her good side on this blog. turn about is fair play, budd.

get her back on that water slide at the YMCA. show her who's boss. i totally feel your pain though. my family does not think i "earn" a nap time either. my mother is allowed a nap for who knows what reason, my sister gets a nap "because she doesn't have a baby", my dad doesn't even have to interact with the family except at dinner. i don't get a nap. i don't "earn" it. i'm awake for 2.5 hours before everyone else and work, i put the baby to bed, my mother gets her up in the morning. where's the time for me to rest?

my little one wants to explore how the eyelid works. ow!

i can't put my foot down because i'm living for free. do it for me budd. take that nap and enjoy it!