Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Skid Marks

So, I have been teaching my oldest how to ride her bike without training wheels and this weekend all of my teaching finally clicked. Off she goes into our street (not busy) that intersects the main exit from our subdivision (very busy). The intersection is at the bottom of the hill and all of the kids on our street constantly ride their bikes down this hill towards the intersection. Ashli, finding it hard to get herself started, likes the hill an easy way to get moving. She also wanted to ride where all the other kids were riding.

Now my daughter is addicted to speed. She goes to the very top of the hill and peddles all the way down. I stand at the bottom of the hill, in our driveway, yelling at her to put on the brakes the whole way. I know it is pointless but I can't help it. I don't want her to lose control on the hill and wipe out going that fast, and I don't want her going so fast that she can't stop at the bottom before she flies into oncoming traffic.

Yesterday it hit a crecendo. She was peddling all the way down racing the other kids and when she got to the bottom she slammed the breaks and skidded to a stop. Yes, the same child that last week couldn't even keep the bike up is skidding to a stop right in front of me. I do make her wear a helmet and that offers me some rolaids (that is how you spell relief, right).

After this experience, I can't wait for driving lessons.

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melanaise said...

omg...once again you have typed my experience with my own..."STOP STOP" screech...what?? *I know what I am doing mom*

10 minutes later my heart and stomach resume proper position.