Friday, February 09, 2007


Little booths of faux isolation.  A place where the stiffest are seemingly unafraid to pick their noses.  Off key songs are sung loudly as if the vehicle were sound proof.  Why do we feel comfortable being ourselves in these most visible of places?  What security against others do they really offer.  A lady with hair still in curlers argues with husband/boyfriend/son with abandon.  Traveling 70mph down the interstate a man does not have intercourse with a woman.  The windows of our cars draw the curtains in our mind.  A young working mother reaches into the back seat and slaps her child.  Two teenagers smoke a joint at a stoplight.   Never were so many invisible in plain sight. 

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milton said...

I don't understand I have done a couple of these at the same time, and don't call her a child; she was nearly of age, she wasn't a mother at that time, I was doing the slapping, and there was a freind in the car so there were 3 of us smoking....after.