Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Casting Call

I am totally ripping of Mainmor's post



Here are the usual suspects to cast:

  1. Wonder Woman
  2. Batman
  3. Superman
  4. The Green Lantern (you can go with Jon Stewart, Hal Jordan, or Kyle Raynor)
  5. The Flash
  6. Aquaman
  7. Martian Manhunter
  8. Green Arrow
  9. Black Canary
  10. Plasticman

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grrrace said...

1. no one can ever take lynda carter's place. but, i'm going to say that as far as looks go, catherine zeta-jones or angelina jolie. but i think evangeline lilly could pull it off. or kate beckinsale. OR... lucy lawless. man. see? i'm all torn because no one will ever be wonder woman to me again! LYNDA!!! heh. sorry. i'm okay now. okay. my hubby says catherine's too old (although, i say she's still hot)... and he says evangeline and kate are too skinny. damn. and he says lucy is not cute as a brunette. heh. fine. i'm going with angelina. sheesh.2. i really liked christian bale as batman, so i'm going to go with him.3. just like no one can replace lynda carter as wonder woman in my heart, christopher reeve will always be my superman. *le sigh* but brandon routh (sp?) was pretty darn good in superman returns...4. i really, really like terrence howard and for some reason, i think he'd make a good john stewart. wait. is it jon or john? 5. milo venfaielainjelahia ;P from heroes. you know. peter petrelli.6. adrian grenier a la entourage :P hehe. 7. i gots nuthin'.8. again. nothing.9. i have NO idea who the black canary is. heh.10. jim carreydamn. my list is all lazy. hehe... no creativity. sorry.

gamany said...

1. wonder woman, cameron diaz or jennifer garner2. batman, hands down christian bale3. superman, jesse metcalf4. green lantern, colin farrell5. the flash, justin timberlake6. aquaman, leonardo dicaprio7. martian manhunter, vin diesel8. green arrow, prince william9. black canary, christina aguilera10. plastic man, jim carrey

Dyschordant said...

10. Plasticman = Paul Rudd.Check it out:

Dyschordant said...

10. Plasticman = Paul Rudd.Check it out:Plasticman = Paul Rudd

gamany said...

LOL, yes!!