Friday, April 27, 2007

TV talk

Drive- *CANCELED*  That is right, the show was canceled by Fox.  This show has been shown exactly two times at its time slot.  The show isn't bad.  It isn't ground breaking TV but it was entertaining.  Regardless of how good House is, new episodes of Drive are way better than reruns of House.  I don't think Fox was ever behind the show in the first place.  They only have two episodes to show that are un-aired.  What kind of commitment is 6 episodes.  Instead of showing the final two episodes on TV you will have to watch them through the Drive myspace page this summer.  Let me tell you, someone will rip them and I will DL them because the Fox page sucks.  The previews for this show were less than inspiring.  I saw them and thought that the show would be ridiculous, but I by chance caught part of the two hour premiere and the third episode.  I liked it.  DID YOU HERE ME FOX, YOUR PREVIEWS MADE ME NOT WANT TO WATCH A SHOW THAT I ENDED UP LIKING.

Lost-Back to old form.  I now remember why I liked it in the first place.

The Ultimate Fighter-  A team rallies around in support as another fighter cries.  This guy was blubbering.  Sure he lost, but no need to cry because he was a dummy.

The Office-Creed is hilarious.  Michael is an idiot.  Kelly stole the show.

Scrubs-  Hilarious as ever.  They moved it so I have to watch 30 rock.  That show grows on you.  now they just need to cancel ER.

Smallville- I have kind of given up on this show.

Supernatural-I haven't watched this weeks episode yet, but last weeks was really good and scary enough that my wife left the room.

Veronica Mars- Where are you?!?

Heroes- I am actually looking forward to the future episode.  This show continues to get better and better.

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MainMor said...

They cancelled Drive?How can you suddenly know what the public wants after a couple of episodes? Give us a damned single season to at least finish a story arc.

[atropos] said...

I really like Veronica Mars.
As unrealistic and somewhat convenient as it is, still a pretty good show.

Budd said...

Damien-I know right!
LaLatte-are you in the VM group? The show is somewhat a guilty pleasure of mine.

Ender said...

Glad to hear lost was good this week. We've been wavering on that show: used to love it but it has fallen off a bit of late. Love to see it back to form.

gamany said...

so much for waiting to watch drive on dvd. and lost...i can't believe i teared up.

grrrace said...

i have tv to catch up on!!! GAH!

Budd said...

Ender-It got pretty sucky for a while there. I hate Jack.
Angela- They were tears of joy (I didn't cry), Jin is the father!
Grrrace- DVR is the devil.

Ross said...

Reminds me of Fox's committment to Firefly. Signs that Fox doesn't care about a show:
- Shows the episodes out of order
- Shows it on a Friday night, at any time slot
- Shows a premiere on one night and then puts the regular time slot on a different night
- Cancels it after 4 episodes, or only shows a subset of the episodes they've got in the can

Firefly ended up spawning a hit movie and a cult following. Maybe Fox needs to stop creating crap and give some of its off-beat shows a chance to redeem themselves?

Renée said...

GOD! Fox, seriously... Do you have something against Nathan Fillion? If so, please know that he is one of the sexiest guys alive.HOW DARE YOU FOX!!!!It's like-- Anything that Nathan Fillion touches, it goes belly-up. Why!? He's such a great actor.

Steve Betz said...

The "Drive" decision was incredibly confusing -- clearly they paid a LOT of money to make those episode -- I doubt those effects were cheap. I just don't get it. They didn't even give that show A CHANCE to find an audience. Its like they cancelled it out of spite.
VM is back this week -- and it's no guilty pleasure. I stack it up against anything -- especially S1 and S2. Could be the show's swansong and THAT would really be too bad. I have secret dreams that Showtime or HBO decides to pick it up.
I think LOST has been pretty strong recently -- I'm really curious to see how they pull together things (I hope they do!) for the season finale.

Budd said...

Renee- They hate him. I wouldn't say that he is the sexiest man alive, I would like to think that I held the title, but he is a good actor.
Steve- They didn't even move it around a lot to ensure that it wouldn't garner an audience. Just cancel it 10 days after it premiers.

Budd said...

Ross- Way worse than firefly. They have screwed Fillion twice now.