Wednesday, May 02, 2007

QotD: Pet Food Recall

Have you been affected by the pet food recall?  Has it changed the way you feed your pets?

OMG.  I had to go next door to my grandparents house and clean out their cabinets and then go buy them $100 worth of new pet food.  They told me I didn't have to.  They said that there was no report of human death associated with it.  But I insisted.  I even picked up a few cans of the wet stuff so they could have a date night.  They were already using the candles for light anyway. 

It hasn't changed the way I feed my pets though.  We cook extra and feed them what we are eating.  We always seem to make too much and have to through the rest away.  It wouldn't be right to have the animals eating left overs.

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little wonders said...

Here is another offensive response to this offensive question. I am disappointed that so many people think this tragedy is a cause for laughter.As for your whole grandparents I can only hope you are joking, it's sad because there are too many people who have to eat pet food (even one person is too many), the only good thing is the additive to the wheat gluten that caused the problems with so many pets does not affect humans.

little wonders said...

even with the tag "this is all a lie" if find this in bad taste and distasteful.