Tuesday, June 05, 2007


My daughter, just learning to write and loving to draw, loves making these picture filled notes with cryptic(because of completely phonetic spelling) messages.  Friday, our cat had two kittens.  One of them had a problem with its umbilical chord and the vet said that there was nothing they could do.  It was put to sleep.  Naturally, my daughter created a picture filled note.  It contained the whole family, our cat, and the two kittens.  It also had a gravestone with "speerit" on it and a cat being carried to heaven by an angel.  There was someone else on there and I asked my daughter about the picture.  She said that she named the cat "speerit" because it was dead and a spirit.  The angel was carrying him to heaven to see Jesus (the other figure).  The note at the bottom said that she was drawing our family and that one of the kittens died (although not spelled anything like I just did). 

Chopstick (our cat) and the kitten are both doing fine.  Ashli took the kittens death pretty hard, but luckily there was another one and that got her mind off of it quickly. 

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Liza said...

Poor kitten :(I remember when I was little and had just become interested in doodling. The only thing I ever drew were horses. Just horses, always :P

grrrace said...

awwww... poor things...