Monday, June 04, 2007

I Watched Some Movies

I am not a fan of the Red Sox, I don't think Drew Barrymore is pretty at all, and I could care less about Jimmy Falon.  That being said, this movie wasn't that bad.  I enjoyed it.  Stephen King is in it.










This movie is a lot of fun.  I watched it with my girls (ages 2.5 and 6).  They loved it.  The plot has some holes and emissions but the movie was a great family activity.  This is one of those completely safe kids movies that you don't have to worry about. 









This one suprised me.  It was on and I had clothes to fold, so I started watching.  The plot is pretty simplistic and has been done a milliion times before, but the movie has a charm to it.  It does go for some of the easier laughs at times, but, like I said, it has a charm to it. 

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gamany said...

my inner child wants to see zoom!

Budd said...

I would listen to your inner child.