Saturday, August 04, 2007

Digging Up the Past

So, I noticed that people (grace) were putting their old blogger posts on Vox, and I noticed that the date manipulator would go back as far as I needed it, so I reposted some of my blogger stuff here on Vox.  It all has original dates on it yet some of you guys have found things in my new activity section.  I decided I would point anyone interested in a few directions of some of my favs.


A Snake in the Grass


The Cost of Wind


Going Home (I had already reposted it but it is one of my favorites.

Scare Tactics (this is pretty funny. . .well. . . to me)

Administration Woes


The Morning Greater

Evolution VS Creationism


War Surf

Made In America

The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers

I may add more.

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grrrace said...

i didn't import them because i didn't want the dates to be all wonky... heh. i did read your old posts, though :)

Budd said...

Some of mine were kinda dated by the source material that I was making fun of. Thanks for reading!