Friday, August 03, 2007

Nashville Vox Partay Rocked!

I met all kinds of cool people there.  Some of the people, I already read and others I will have to start.  It was great getting to meet everyone and hanging out.  It seems that Vox has the coolest group of users on the internet.  After meeting everyone in person, I have to say that it is because the coolest people use Vox.  Vox provided some really cool swag, so thanks Vox!  Thanks everyone else for a pleasant evening of food and discussion.  Hope to do it again some time.  I didn't have my camera(stupid rechargable batteries) but Potty Mouth, MainMor, and Dancing Bear took lots of pics. 


Stolen from Dancing Bear's page.


Stolen from Kat's page.

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gamany said...

happy to hear you all had a great time!

grrrace said...

awesome :) sounds like a great time... :D

Budd said...

Angela- We are only 4 hours away, I don't see why you were not here.Grace- It was a blast.