Monday, August 13, 2007

QotD: First Crush

How old were you when you had your very first boyfriend/girlfriend? Do you still know them now? 
Submitted by KIM

I was 5.  Her name was/is Helen.  She was/is Korean (yeah, yeah, somethings never change and I should have learned early on).  I have not seen her in almost 20 years. 

Helen if your out there, turn around bright eyes, because I need your love tonight, and  I need you more than ever.  Yes forever is gonna start tonight. 

It ended badly. Nothing I can say, a total eclipse of the heart.*

Okay, you got me, I have a baby and I think it might be hers.  I am not really sure who the mother is, but it could be her. 

Seriously, if you are Helen or know her (I don't remember her last name but I am sure it is Kim, Lim, Park, or Choi) let me know.  I am curious what happened to her (where she went to medical/law school). 

*lyrics mutilated from Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart.

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grrrace said...

omg. i was singing it as i was reading it. damn you. i'm sure her last name was lee. ;P

Budd said...

Yes, I forgot Lee. So, I have it narrowed down to her being Korean. I think only 25% of Korean girls at that time where named Helen, 25% were Grace (especially if their last name was park), and 50% were Ester (mostly Kim).

grrrace said...

LOL. i'm surprised you knew that many korean girls. where were you living at the time?and yes. helen lee, grace park, esther kim. those were the 3 most popular names. heh.

Budd said...

OMG! Were you a Park? I lived next to an Army base of course. Also the Korean population here in Nashville is booming.
New popular names are Anna/Annie, Hanna, Emily, Suzie. I notice a lot of girls just get a name that sounds like their Korean name now ie. Suzie = Su-Ji, Ginger = Jin-Ju
I think Steven, Sam, John, and Joseph still take the cake for boys.
Most American names for Korean kids are biblical.

Dancing Bear said...

I went to school with Helen Kim, Budd. Perhaps that was your baby? Her family was from Korea and they had a Korean food store. It was in upstate New York however so you may be off the hook.

Budd said...

It is possible that she moved and skipped ahead a couple of years at school.