Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Partay Friday Night

To celebrate banned books week, I am inviting everyone to come over to my house with the banned book they read this week.  There will be food, drinks, and a bonfire.  We will discuss the books we read and then throw them onto the fire*.  Yes, we will burn the banned books.  We will do this becuase they are banned and should be burned.  We will then go door to door forcing people to read only books that we like. 


*I don't actually condone the burning of books.  Statements made here are for entertainment purposes only.  You can show up at my house Friday night but I will not be there.  Please do not burn books in my yard.   There will be no bonfire as my yard is to small and I would need a permit.

Oh, by the way, I am reading The Chocolate War.


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little wonders said...

I think we should burn the people who banned the books, not the books

Eli's Dad said...

Free food and fire. I'm there. Do you supply the fire or is it bring your own?
BTW--I've got bad eyesight and short attention span, if there was more to this post let me know. See ya Friday.

Ender said...

Its funny: I took an art class at MTSU and most of the students in class discussion advocated censorship....They also wanted that profane statue in music circle torn down ;)

Budd said...

Musica rocks! anyway, its the only chance the homeless get to see the female anatomy.
That actually surprises me about MTSU.