Thursday, September 27, 2007

TV Talk

Okay, I know I haven't seen everything I have wanted to yet, and that tonight is the office, but I think I can assess some new shows for everyone.

Bionic Woman - I almost turned it off, the acting and dialog's were that bad.  Special effects were only a little better.  Why on earth would someone be pissed off that their life and way of life had been saved?  "You almost died.  We had to amputate your arm and your legs.  Did you want to be in a motorized wheel chair?  Because, we can take back all the bionic stuff."  Why didn't Starbuck get the lead?  She is a way better actress. 

Journeyman - I liked this more than I thought I would.  It channels The Time Traveler's Wife a bit, but that isn't really a bad thing.  The jury is still out.  I don't really like formulaic shows though.  If it becomes a save a person a week type show, I think I will just watch Quantum Leap reruns. 

Prison Break - They are just going to put Scofield in multiple prisons and have him escape from them every season.  The show has always been ridiculous and this year doesn't look to change the formula.

Heroes -  New plots abound.  My question is still what happened to Sylar.

Chuck -I thought this show was going to suck, but it doesn't.  It rocks.  It is witty and charming.   You can't help but like Chuck and hate Captain Awesome.

Kid Nation -  The premise of this show was supposed to be about how kids would run the world if they were in charge.  Unfortunately this is restrained by the amount of rules imposed on them.  They have to be on teams, they have to compete in a challenge, and said challenge dictates a class structure.  The class structure has the upper class get paid the most for doing nothing.  They don't even allow a free market on the show.  Last night they did kill some chickens; that was pretty cool.

The Ultimate Fighter - Same show, different weight class.  I already hate several people on the show.  This show perpetuates the stereotype that all fighters are idiots. 

I have not seen Reaper yet.

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Ross said...

Bionic Woman - Saved on DVR, haven't watched yet.Heroes - Same deal, my wife won't let me watch it without her.Chuck - I enjoyed this show. It's a bit silly, but entertaining and some fun dialog moments. The friend/sidekick is a bit silly but you'll see this also in Reaper, so it seems to be required by the formula. I can ignore as long as the show stays entertaining.Reaper - I'm 1/2way through the first episode, but I'm enjoying it. The lead role is the dorky boyfriend from Grounded for Life, but he gets his chance to show he can act in this series. The overall feel is a little campy but not enough to turn you off - this show and and Chuck have about the same feel, to me. The friend/sidekick in this one is funnier than in Chuck, though. I could see him playing a bigger role, too, depending on how the series progresses.Sorry, I don't have any interest in the other shows you mentioned...but that's just me :-)

Steve Betz said...

I had been sort of interested in the Bionic Woman, and even more interested when I heard that Katee Sackoff was going to play her "nemesis". But then I kept reading review after review of how terrible the writing and plotting was and so didn't even bother.
Susan asked me about Journeyman... I said, oh, its Quantum Leap without Ziggy, I think.

grantalias said...

Too bad about Bionic Woman, I was looking forward to seeing that.

grrrace said...

i haven't watched bionic woman or heroes yet. GAH!so, i watched the pilot ep of bionic woman at comic-con and it looked all right to me. have you watched jekyll? michelle ryan's in that, too. and starbuck is SO awesome!!! love katee.