Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Book Club Meeting Tonight

I Am Legend
Richard Matheson

We will be meeting Wed. January 9 to discuss I Am Legend by Richard Matheson at the Camino Real restaraunt in Antioch (next to Target and Shoney's) at 7pm.

Discussion Questions:
This story was written in 1954. Does it stand the test of time, or is it outdated?

Robert Neville continues to live in his own home; what does this say about his character?

Two different kinds of vampires are formed; is this realistic or does it come off as contrived?

A couple of movie adaptations have been made of the novel; do they hold up? Why?

The pacing of the book is quite slow; does this hurt the story?

Stephen King has admitted to being influenced by Matheson's work, particularly this novel. Is Matheson's influence present in any other modern authors.

The ending is poignant. What was Matheson saying?

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Design Shark said...

Dude. You still have a Shoney's in your town? I remember that being the best place EVER. I was like 5 when they left the city. That was all I had to contribute here.